Our Services

Mike Bonacorsi, LLC is an independent, fee only Financial Planning and Wealth Management practice for clients facing a major life event.

Financial Planning

We believe financial planning is built around an understanding of what is truly important to you. It's not just about your financial goals-it's about your life goals and how your finances will impact your ability to meet them. We will work to provide you with the advice and plan that directs your financial strategies towards one common goal-yours. Finally, for any plan to succeed it must be put in motion or else it is just words on paper. We are here to assist you with the plan implementation beginning with secure, on-line access to a personal planning page through Wealthvision, our financial planning tool.
Investment Planning

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are required to adhere to a fiduciary standard, acting in the best interest of our clients, not our own. As an independent firm, we choose products and strategies based on our clients' needs, not a company agenda. Our recommendations are determined by the values and priorities you communicate to us and we view our success not by a percentage of return on assets, but by how well you live your life.