Services Checklist

We believe financial planning is built around an understanding of what is truly important to you. It's not just about your financial goals; it's about your life goals.  Below, we outline just some of the ways in which we work with you as you move closer to your vision for the future.

Partnership Support

  • Help provide confidence in financial matters, focusing on goals, priorities and direction
  • Advise you through reactive or emotional decisions which could negatively affect your financial situation
  • Support you through expected and unexpected changes in your life
  • Communicate frequently to establish your financial goals and chart a timeline for accomplishments
  • Help you evaluate the economic news to determine what you should and shouldn't concern you

Financial Life Planning

  • Provide a thorough financial plan which will align your current activities with money to your future goals
  • Help manage current and projected cash flow, income and spending to drive investment decisions
  • Recommend the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plan, pension plan and/or IRAs
  • Work with you to optimize strategies for Social Security benefit payments
  • Evaluate your insurance coverage and determine if additional protection is needed for you and loved ones
  • Assess your current estate plan, including a review of your beneficiary designations, wills, trusts and powers of attorney to establish a successful asset transfer strategy
  • Maximize philanthropic giving solutions to reduce taxes and achieve charitable obligations
  • Consult with your estate attorney to ensure all of your financial wishes are documented appropriately
  • Consult with your tax preparer to assist with potential tax savings strategies
  • Provide access to a secure, custom, family website with electronic document storage

Investment Management Guidance

  • As a fiduciary, I will act only in your best interest and as such commit to continuous due diligence of the investments I recommend   
  • Evaluate your appetite for market risk and potential loss resulting in a portfolio strategy designed around your comfort level
  • Analyze current investment diversification and if necessary, modify your strategy based on your risk assessment and planning needs
  • Design a personal investment policy statement, a document created to record our agreement in how your assets will be managed.
  • Deliver investment strategy options from Institutional money managers.

Additional Support

  • Offer guidance and support system to help you through the death of a loved one or through transitional phases in your life.
  • Review education planning and funding choices for your children and/or grandchildren