Financial Planning

At Bonacorsi Wealth Management, we believe a comprehensive financial plan built around what’s important to you is at the core of any long-term Wealth Management Strategy.


A solid financial plan is not just about growing your portfolio; it’s about your life goals and how your finances will impact your ability to meet them.  Whether the goal is to generate income in retirement, transferring wealth to your heirs, or leaving a charitable legacy, we provide clients with a plan that aligns financial strategies to meet your goals.


Our Financial Life Planning Services Include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive financial plan that aligns your current activities and investment holdings to your financial goals.

  • Help manage current and projected cash flow, income and spending to drive investment decisions.

  • Recommend the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plan, pension plan and/or IRA’s.

  • Work with you to optimize strategies for Social Security benefit payments.

  • Evaluate your insurance coverage and determine the correct levels needed for you and your loved ones.

  • Assess your current estate plan, including a review of your beneficiary designations, wills, trusts and powers of attorney.

  • Establish a successful asset transfer strategy.

  • Maximize philanthropic giving solutions to reduce taxes and achieve charitable obligations.

  • Consult with your estate attorney to ensure all of your financial wishes are documented appropriately.

  • Consult with your tax preparer to assist with potential tax savings strategies.

  • Provide access to a secure, custom, family website with electronic document storage.


For any plan to succeed, it must be put in motion or else it is just words on paper. We are here to assist you with the plan implementation beginning with secure, on-line access to a personal planning page through Wealthvision, our financial planning tool.

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Financial Planning involves many elements and our professional
opinion may include recommendations for the following

Retirement Planning

We’ll help you plan for the retirement you’ve long anticipated, whether that means a vacation home, traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, continuing with work or starting a new passion, performing charity work, enjoying family & grandkids, or some sort of new chapter of your life!


Education Funding

For you, your children, grandchildren or anyone else you wish to assist. We evaluate Education Funding strategies which are in balance with your other financial goals.


Estate Planning

We’ll work with you and your Attorney to ensure that your estate plan works in concert with your overall financial plan. You don’t need to be a millionaire to have an estate plan. An estate plan is an important piece of your financial plan.


Tax Planning

Almost all financial decisions have a tax impact.  Incorporating tax planning into your financial plan improves the probability of meeting your goals, especially when planning for retirement. We will work with you or your CPA so that this important aspect of your financial plan is properly integrated.


Business Planning

We’ll help you with your business as it integrates with all the other moving parts of your financial life, including the possible sale and or succession planning.  A well-designed succession plan allows a business owner to exit the business and address tax, business,estate and liquidity considerations.


Special Purchase Planning

We will help you plan for other special goals such as buying a second home, home improvements, weddings, or one that once-in-a-lifetime vacation with your entire family!


Life Event Planning

Your financial goals often become top of mind during major life events.  As your circumstances and needs shift, your financial strategies need to adjust as well.  For better or worse, major events such as childbirth, marriage, divorce, the death of a spouse, or loss of job all require a partner to help you along your journey.


Income Distribution Planning

Income Distribution planning is the process by which the assets you’ve collected leading up to retirement, are distributed out to you during your retirement. The strategies that you used during the accumulation phase are very different than the strategies that you would use during the distribution phase.


Social Security Optimization

You’ve paid into it your entire life. It is time to learn how you can get the most out of your Social Security. The biggest conundrum with Social Security is, if you look at it as a stand-alone income stream, you could be compromising hundreds of thousands of dollars in your plan. How much you will receive is just as important to know as when you should file to start receiving your benefit. As a general rule, if you file too early, your income is hurting. If you file too late, your hurting your estate.


Charitable and Philanthropic Planning

We work with clients to ensure their charitable and philanthropic objectives are met by utilizing techniques that maximize both income and estate tax savings.


Cash flow and Debt management

Without a clear picture of what money is flowing in and out each month, it’s impossible to make informed decisions with respect to the other wealth management issues that affect you.

Good debt management ensures you have credit when you need it, make wise borrowing decisions, and avoid disaster if you become overextended. We can identify where your cash is going each month and evaluate potential opportunities to improve your cash flow through tax strategies and debt management.


Insurance Planning

We will review, analyze, and make recommendations on various aspects of insurance including life, long-term care, and disability to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage.


Long-Term Care Planning

If you were to have a long-term care need, your savings could be depleted very quickly without a proper long-term care policy in place. Most people will need assistance with activities of daily living at some point in their lives, whether due to aging, injury, illness or disability.